Monday, 6 August 2012

New Sony HDR-XR160E HanyCam

I have had a good mess with my camera and installed the software and registered it and feel that I know it pretty well now. It is so cute and has so many built in features. I would love to record in HD but I want everyone to be able to view my videos on DVD so I will record in STD quality. The recordings are amazing and quality is perfect. Thank you so much for this camera Jeffery it is a great gift and I will do amazing things with it. I am all ready to go now and will record the footage for my next video tomorrow. The next video is going to be a message from me. I have my tripod here ready and the recording should all be finished by tomorrow. I am going to Toni & Guy midday so hopefully they can fix my hair after months of destroying it with pure peroxide. Toni & Guy everytime from now on. My poor hair deserves better. Love to you all

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